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aTyr Pharma is a biotherapeutics company engaged in the discovery and development of innovative medicines based on novel biological pathways. aTyr’s research and development efforts are concentrated on a newly discovered area of biology, the extracellular functionality and signaling pathways of tRNA synthetases. aTyr has built a global intellectual property estate directed to a potential pipeline of protein compositions derived from 20 tRNA synthetase genes and their extracellular targets. aTyr’s primary focus is ATYR1923, a clinical-stage product candidate which binds to the neuropilin-2 receptor and is designed to down-regulate immune engagement in inflammatory lung diseases. aTyr is publicly traded on Nasdaq under the symbol “LIFE”. For more information, please visit


Patients and their challenges provide tremendous drive and meaning to what we do at aTyr. We seek a talented and successful individual that deeply desires to participate in our process to make medicines that change a patient’s life forever. We are looking for an independent self-motivated Scientist level candidate who will be responsible for implementing high throughput protein design, expression, and screening of novel drug candidate proteins. This position will be responsible for developing a screening workflow for numerous drug candidate molecules to identify viable protein candidates with high specificity for functional screening.


The ideal candidate will have a background in the broad parallel screening of multiple protein variants, and be familiar with various facets of therapeutic protein design. The position will have a high degree of autonomy and the opportunity to work with a research associate to support these activities. Extensive experience in the design of expression constructs and fusion proteins is desired. While the position is expected to be independent in its decision-making, the effort will be highly collaborative and require extensive cross-functional integration. This is a research role and will require reading and understanding scientific publications on cutting-edge biology, and an independent drive to understand a changing landscape.

  • Review existing data on target proteins, and rationally design protein fragments expected to retain biological activity
  • Design molecular biology tools for rapid and efficient generation of hundreds of fragment/fusion variants
  • Generate and screen research quantities of proteins for characterization of desired properties
  • Test proteins in multiple assay formats (ELISA, flow cytometry, etc.) to identify lead candidates
  • Produce limited selected candidates at a scale sufficient for receptor identification
  • Participate in the validation of the biological activity of identified proteins
  • Coordination of personnel and input resources to ensure efficient alignment of workflows


  • Ph.D. degree in biological sciences with an emphasis on molecular biology and/or protein biochemistry and 1-3 years of experience.
  • B.S. degree in molecular biology/biological sciences or a related discipline with 10 years of postgraduate experience or M.S. with 8 years.

Experience with:

  • Molecular cloning, and commonly used techniques such as PCR, fragment assembly, site-directed mutagenesis, restriction digestion, transformation, colony screening, gel electrophoresis, and primer design.
  • Protein structure, and structural analysis software
  • Protein isolation from cellular material (lysates or supernatants)
  • Assay formats for studying the molecular function of proteins (ELISA, flow, octet)
  • Multicolor flow cytometry is a plus but not required

Familiarity with:

  • Bioinformatics software packages for the analysis of RNAseq data
  • Mammalian tissue culture, including passaging, transfection, and harvesting.
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint, GraphPad Prism, Snapgene, Benchling
  • Pubmed, NCBI, UniProt, Ensembl.

Further Recruiting Information

For additional information about aTyr Pharma, please visit our website at aTyr Pharma, Inc. is an EEO employer.

In addition to a competitive compensation package with stock options and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, aTyr Pharma also offers a comprehensive benefits package for our employees and their families, which includes medical, dental, life, disability, and a 401(k)-matching contribution.

For consideration, please submit your resume and cover letter referencing job 209LB to aTyr Pharma, Inc. is an EEO employer.