Project ORCA

Project ORCA – First Antibody Antagonist to the Resokine Pathway

Based on our knowledge of the Resokine pathway, we have established a third biologics program from our research efforts, project ORCA, currently in preclinical development. Project ORCA represents a third therapeutic modality distinct from ATYR1923 or ATYR1940.

ORCA is a preclinical research program that targets a novel, proprietary immuno-oncology pathway using antibodies to change levels of extracellular histidyl-tRNA synthetase (HARS), known as the Resokine pathway, in tumor settings. aTyr believes tumors, across multiple tumor types, utilize the Resokine pathway to evade immune system responses. aTyr has evaluated the therapeutic potential of targeting this novel pathway in multiple in-vitro and in-vivo tumor models, in comparison to and in combination with incumbent check-point modulators. Based on the tumor model data, the company believes that targeting this pathway may reduce or, in some cases, reverse tumor growth either as a monotherapy or in combination therapy.