Resokine Pathway Discovery Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
ATYR1923 (iMod.Fc)
Interstitial Lung Disease
Various Cancers
ATYR1940 (Resolaris™)
Rare Muscular Dystrophies
tRNA Sythetase Pipeline Discovery Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Multiple Discovery Programs

  • Internal Programs at aTyr
  • The Scripps Research Institute
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Therapeutic Focus Phase
Resokine Pathway / Muscle
Resolaris for Adult FSHD Phase 1b/2
Resolaris for Early Onset FHSD Phase 1b/2
Resolaris for Adult LGMD2B Phase 1b/2
Resokine Pathway / Lung
iMod.Fc for Rare Lung Disease Pre-clinical
Resokine Pathway / Cancer
Project ORCA Pre-clinical
Physiocrine R&D

Today, we focus on the therapeutic translation of the Resokine pathway, comprised of extracellular proteins derived from the histidyl tRNA synthetase (HARS) gene family, which has fueled a pipeline of novel drug candidate programs addressing disease areas of high unmet medical need, including cancer and lung disease.

We embrace scientific transparency and commitment to research excellence as we chart drug targets from the Resokine family and other human tRNA synthetase genes that we hope will shape a better future of patient care.

Our intellectual property estate comprises of over 250 issued patents or allowed patent applications that are owned or exclusively licensed, including over 300 potential protein compositions derived from tRNA synthetase genes.